Many families place their trust in nursing homes to watch over their elderly loved ones. However, sometimes some skilled nursing facilities fail to provide the appropriate care and safe environment these families expect.

Some residents who have been victims of nursing home abuse in East Kentucky or in any part of the country reported being neglected and not fully taken care of, physically and sexually assaulted, or financially exploited. This problem is much bigger than it looks, knowing that they are very vulnerable human beings. Here are some other things you should learn about nursing homes:

Common Causes

Many factors can lead to nursing home abuse. Most of these stem from the staff itself or the corporation running the facility. Some homes are understaffed, which causes the members to work for long hours. They get too stressed out, which takes a toll on their psychological and physical health. Because of this, they tend to express aggressive or abusive behavior toward the residents in the home.

Another factor is the lack of supervision. When staff members are inattentive, some of the residents can be neglected. Some workers can also be greedy and swindle the victims out of their money knowing that these people have saved up for their retirement. Big corporations may also maximize their profits which lead them to hire staff members who lack experience or who lack sufficient training at all.

Common Forms of Abuse

Aside from neglect, there are other types of abuse that can happen in a nursing home. First is physical abuse, the most obvious and apparent among all forms. This can be classified by different injuries inflicted on the person, like bruises, broken bones, or cuts. Second is emotional abuse, which involves social isolation and manipulation that can increase the resident’s level of stress.

Third is sexual abuse which happens very often. This includes unwanted touching, engaging the victim in inappropriate and aggressive activities, and rape. Fourth is financial exploitation in which some caregivers take advantage of the resident’s wealth.

Effects of Nursing Home Abuse

Experiencing abuse can leave the victim traumatized. He or she can go through a lot of emotional changes, such as increased levels of stress, depression, or anxiety. They can also suffer from malnutrition and dehydration, among other health issues.

Some can also develop a fear towards the nursing home staff members, especially if they are physically abused. They can also lose their savings and have unexplained finances if they’re financially taken advantage of.

What Can You Do?

If you see any signs or have personally witnessed nursing home abuse, the best thing you can do is to take note of necessary details about the incident. Then, immediately file a complaint with the appropriate state agency. You can contact Vanover, Hall & Bartley for legal assistance and practical guidance. Start protecting your elderly loved ones from abuse today.