When a person suffers from injuries or dies due to someone’s negligence, the victim or his/her family can file a personal injury claim or a wrongful death claim to recover compensation. However, the plaintiff must be able to prove the defendant’s liability and the damage caused by the collision.

To prove these two elements of the case, it is important for the plaintiff’s lawyer to present the most helpful and relevant evidence in the case. But what are these things that will help the victim’s case?

Evidence From the Scene

Pieces of evidence from the site of the collision are some of the most important ones to present. These include images such as property damage and any important visual cues as to how the incident occurred.

The visual evidence may also include skid marks on the road, which helps determine which vehicle tried to avoid the collision by forcefully using his/her brakes. These will help paint the picture of the events that happened during the accident. It also becomes vital information that can prove that the defendant was at fault.

Documentation of the Effects of the Accident

Another essential item of evidence that should be presented to the court is documentation of how the incident affected the victim. This should include medical data and medical expenses. It should also prove how the incident negatively impacted the victim, such as the inability to work and the resulting loss of wages.

Bills – medical, receipts, and paperwork about repairs – can also be presented to the court. These pieces of evidence will help the plaintiff strengthen his/her case in front of the jury.

Testimonies From Professionals

For personal injury lawsuits, using the statement of professionals will greatly support the plaintiff’s claim. A doctor’s statement about the victim’s injury, for example, can help the jury understand its gravity.

Testimony coming from another professional such as an accident reconstructionist can help victims of such cases. It can explain how the defendant was negligent and which actions should’ve been taken to not harm the victim.

Get a Lawyer Who Can Help You Gather the Appropriate Evidence

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