Workers Compensation Lawyer Pikeville Kentucky

When you’re on the job, you want to complete an honest day’s work – not become injured.

For those who have been hurt at work, we’re here to help with your worker’s compensation claim. You have a legal right to seek and obtain benefits for injuries sustained on the job. If your employer and/or its insurer seeks to blame your injury on another cause, our experienced lawyers can provide the legal help you need to secure your benefits. We are committed to getting you the compensation you deserve for your work-related injuries.

If your worker’s compensation claim is denied, it is best to start with reading over the information you received from your insurance company and finding the reason your claim was denied. Missed deadlines and not reporting the accident at work are the most common reasons why your claim may be denied.

Then, contact an attorney in a timely manner to review your claim and all of the related information. It is important to act quickly, as there is typically a time limit for workers compensation claims, and you do not want to miss a deadline.

The next step would be to work with your attorney to appeal your claim. During the process, you will want to keep a record of all information, as you may need to show your medical records and other evidence to support your appeal.

Immediately following the accident, your health and safety should be your first priority.

Obtain medical treatment as soon as the injury happens and inform your supervisor and the Human Resources department immediately. It is also essential to contact a worker’s compensation lawyer to keep you informed of your rights as an injured worker. Workers’ compensation claims are often complicated, and we can ensure that you follow the correct procedure for filing your claim and receiving ongoing treatment.

Whether you have been injured on the job or are suffering a job-related illness, workers’ compensation benefits can be crucial in financing your medical expenses and the general care of you and your family while you’re out of work.

There are several different types of benefits that you may be entitled to receive, including medical care and temporary and permanent disability benefits. You may be able to recover benefits even if you are at fault for the injury.

There are complicated rules about the benefits you may receive and procedures for obtaining them. Vanover, Hall & Bartley has extensive experience in handling workers’ compensation claims, including those involving job-related accidents causing injuries, illnesses from repeated exposure to activities or substances at work, as well as claims for intentional misconduct on the part of the employer.

How Does One Qualify For Workers’ Compensation?

To quality for worker’s compensation, you need to be injured while working. It is important to notify your supervisor immediately. However, if you are injured during the workday while engaged in activities that are not related to your job, you may not have a claim since you were not injured while performing duties for your employer. The same is true if you are traveling to or from work. However, you will probably be covered by worker’s compensation insurance if travel is a part of your work.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, you may very well require medical care. Without an accident attorney on your side, you may not be getting the care you deserve. The experienced accident lawyers at Vanover, Hall & Bartley will help defend your rights in a wide range of worker’s compensation and personal injury cases.

It is important that you speak with an attorney right away to protect your rights.
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