Being involved in a motor vehicle collision can be life-changing. The resulting pain, discomfort, and inconvenience—physical and mental–can dramatically affect the quality of your life. After such an event occurs, seek medical assistance immediately. If you think the incident was caused by a certain party’s neglect or carelessness, you should seek help from an accident attorney.

Once you’ve successfully hired a personal injury lawyer, expect this person to work and ensure that you obtain the best possible settlement. Besides legal advice, here are other things lawyers can do to help you in your predicament:


The first thing a personal injury lawyer will do, especially for their clients involved in car accident cases, is to collect evidence. This includes official reports, statements of the witnesses, photographs, among others, that could help establish theories on how the accident happened and determine who’s at fault.

Once your lawyer is informed by your doctor that you’ve recovered from your injuries, he or she will begin collecting the documents that will support the damage you’ve sustained in the accident. This comprises your medical and employment reports, records of expenses, and other documents that will help in the negotiation of the settlement.

Help You Talk to Creditors

It’s not unusual to incur additional financial obligations after being involved in an accident. It’s fairly understandable if you can’t meet them, considering that you need to settle your medical expenses first. It’s best to talk to your creditors if you can’t possibly pay your loans on time.

However, there are times where creditors require some verification. Your personal injury lawyer can contact them for you to authenticate the details of the accident. You can also ask your attorney to check if you have Credit Disability Insurance which can cover your loan payments while you are injured.

Protect Your Case

In this case, you should do your part as well. If you don’t know what your responsibilities are, your lawyer can discuss them with you. This is your attorney’s way of protecting your personal injury case.

Your legal counsel may remind you not to sign any documents related to your case unless you’ve discussed it with him or her first. Your lawyer may also remind you not to talk about your case with anyone. If questions add to your worry, direct your queries to your attorney.

There are many surprising ways an accident attorney can help you and your case. Just remember: If you’ve been involved in any type of mishap that you think is caused by the negligence—in part or in full—of anyone, secure medical assistance first before discussing the matter with a lawyer from Vanover, Hall & Bartley.